Problem-Solving – Storing Garden Seeds

Garden seeds can stay viable for years. Between what I don’t use in a season, and what I collect from my plants at the end of the season, I have dozens of seeds to store. A good tip for organizing seed packets is place them in a CD case. This is working great for me. Now the only problem I have is how can I store this in the refrigerator? Cool conditions will keep the seeds alive even longer. I think I will search out one of the over-sized ziplock bags I use for vacations and place the case in one of those. This should enable me to store the seeds inside the fridge without damage to the CD case or seeds.

Another tip that will make an individual seed packet easier to find is to number the pages in the CD case. By doing this I can make an alphabetized index of my seeds and find them in just a moment instead of flipping through each page.  I came across this great tip on the Pinterest site. You can follow me and check out the whole site by clicking on the link below.

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