Posies – Spray Roses

blog ladybug and spray roses 025

Spray roses in every shade imaginable are available now. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on spray roses. Because they dry into everlastings with ease, you don’t feel you have wasted your money when their peak freshness has passed.

I have had spray roses begin to dry even while they are still in a vase of water. Pink roses are my favorite color for drying, although yellow, peach and even some deeper toned roses work well too. White and red roses are tricky to dry. White can brown around the edges and red roses usually turn a near black hue when dried.

morning glories and roses 002

To dry the spray roses I firmly twist a large rubber band around the bottom of the stems, and slide the band over the hook of a coat hanger of any kind. The elastic will tighten if the flower stems shrink during drying, keeping the bunch intact.

morning glories and roses 005

I place this hanger in a dark closet and wait a week or two. When the flower petals feel crisp they are finished and can be used in crafts of all kinds. Dried spray roses are great for Valentine’s Day crafts.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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