Place – Elk Neck State Forest and Turkey Point Lighthouse

My husband and I camped last weekend in the Elk Neck State Park in Maryland. It is a favorite of ours. The Elk Neck Forest lies between the Elk Neck River and the Chesapeake Bay. We were able to take in the changing colors of Autumn as we hiked along the trail to the Turkey Point Lighthouse.

All men are just boys at heart! My husband taking a swing on one of the thick vines along the trail.


Here’s a quick minute slideshow of our hike to the Lighthouse.

When we reached the Turkey Point Lighthouse we came upon a group of bird watchers. It was fascinating to eavesdrop a bit on their conversation. They had spotted a blue-headed vireo in the trees. We tried to see the bird by looking in the direction they indicated, but without good binoculars it was impossible.

blue headed vireo

Blue Headed Vireo Photograph Courtesy of Flickr and Andy Reago/Chrissy McClaren

The drop off the side of the bluff is a high and a bit dizzying. There are NO GUARDRAILS whatsoever, and only a very few warning signs. I don’t know if I would take children to this area without having them firmly attached to my hand at ALL times. For a stunning look at the area watch this amazing video filmed by a drone. Spectacular! You will realize when viewing why I say hold onto your children.


The trail is surrounded by dense forest and undergrowth. The brambles provide shelter for hundreds and hundreds of birds. I said to my husband as we walked, “This place is atwitter with birds.” Hopefully due to the efforts of conservationists, banding and studying of the birds, their numbers will only increase over the coming years.


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