Plant – Amaryllis


Photo Collage courtesy of: FLICKR, BMully, Nicholas Gent, Liz West, Pic Monkey

The Amaryllis Flowers and Bulbs have arrived in my neighborhood garden nurseries and shops. I purchase fewer Christmas decorations each year, but haven’t lost my desire for festive surroundings. What I do have is a lack of desire to put it all away again. To decorate our home I take advantage of all the beautiful plants for sale in the holiday season.


Orange Sovereign Amaryllis

Amaryllis are one of my seasonal favorites. Burnt once by a new plant, well-leafed, but never in flower; I bought one plant that already has two blossoming spikes growing at a good rate. This plant’s flowers will be spent before December 25th, but it will surely put us in a Christmas mood.


I found this beautifully packaged bulb at Walmart of all places. It would make a lovely gift for a friend in its shimmery little bag of gauze. My husband laughed at me when I explained that one of the reasons I bought this bulb was the tag that named the plant “Minerva.” I’m excited about planting and watching “Minerva” grow. She just might be perfectly timed for Christmas blooming.


In most plants the leaves come after the flowering. Sometimes they show a bit during the bloom time. It is very important not to cut down these leaves when the flowers are spent. The bulb gets all its energy from the leaves for the following year. I often place these pots of long, strappy leaves outdoors for the summer months.

Good information is available all over the Internet on how to grow an Amaryllis plant. I like this site: Amaryllis & Caladium Bulb Company – Growing an Amaryllis. Give an Amaryllis bulb or plant a try this year, they are reasonably priced and very rewarding.

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