Projects & Phavorites & Phlipping – Flea Market Flip/Vintage Formica Table

I love the how-to show Flea Market Flip. Recently, while walking through a local town, my husband and I passed a small red formica table. I loved it, and knew I had to have it; the price was right, only fifteen dollars. The table is about the size of a TV tray.  It is perfect for crafting, a computer table, eating, etc. Another advantage is the table is lightweight. I can carry it up and down flights of stairs, outside, and all over the house. Wherever it is needed the table goes.


I liked the aged look of the wood on the table, but the edges were a bit jagged and rough. Since I use the table for crafts, I decided yard sticks would be a quick and easy cover, useful, as well as decorative.


I measured the table, sawed, sanded and attached the yardsticks with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

red table collage one jpg

I’m real pleased with the finished table.


Check out Flea Market Flip!


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