Pheathers – Old Blue Eyes

Near my home is a park I have visited since I was seven years old. I take my grandchildren to the same park, although now the “dangerous” playground equipment we adored has been replaced by a one-piece plastic structure. Yesterday, I took a bike ride, with a bag of old cereal strung across my handlebars. My destination was the park and the goose who rules there, the white goose with the blue eyes.

ducks 4

I call her Old Blue Eyes, but she responds to anyone carrying a bag that might be filled with goodies for geese and ducks. The moment I scattered the stale Rice Krispies on the ground a feeding frenzy began. Some of the wild geese/mallard ducks in the park have become domesticated because of injury. At this time of year, when food is scarce, a little grain in the form of cereal might help them survive.

Old Blue Eyes Collage

Old Blue Eyes 2

7 thoughts on “Pheathers – Old Blue Eyes

  1. Rice Krispies, no matter how old, sound so much better than the stale white bread I used to give my kids to feed the ducks. I do know better now, to find something more nutritious than “wonder”bread. Your post brings me back to some long past days -thanks.

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