Photographs – Two on Tuesday


Heavy storms washed away the camouflage of trash and brush a mother raccoon had used for hiding her baby kits. She was nowhere to be seen today when someone pointed out these babies to us. Raccoons are nocturnal and these little babes were trying their best to continue napping beneath a bulkhead on the Delaware Bay. Hopefully, the mother raccoon can repair, or move her nest, before the busy weekend arrives. Wild baby animals are cute, but should never be touched.


9 thoughts on “Photographs – Two on Tuesday

    1. Hi Susie, I felt hopeful that the mother raccoon was nearby and watching over them. A couple who were walking in the area pointed the raccoons out to us. They are not extremely small, nor are they newborns, so there is a chance, even if the mother has not survived, that the babies will survive. There is a lot of sea life on the beach nearby that they could eat, and also a lot of vegetation. I hope the best for them.


    1. So do I…there are a lot of places nearby where the mother could hide and watch. No one was touching the babies, and the area is busy enough that if the raccoons leave the nest and wander someone will see them and report them. The town has permanent residents, so I’m hopeful someone who lives on the nearby street will call animal welfare if the babies seem in distress.


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