Quick Tip – Stabilizing Pots


I had a late start growing my coleus from seed this year. To give them a better chance to grow larger, I planted them in pre-fertilized potting soil in pots. My ivy beds beneath the pines were the perfect spot for the pots to sit. The vines were the perfect height and strength to hold the pots in place. Now some of the coleus are nearing twelve to eighteen inches in height. The wind has continually knocked them over in the last few weeks. To stabilize the pots and keep them from overturning I aligned short stakes with the drainage holes and hammered them into the ground. This has worked perfectly, a quick solution to a constant problem. I also thought a dollar store pack of pencils would have done the trick for holding the pots in place. Sharpened, and pounded in through the drainage areas, they would also keep the pots stable.


9 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Stabilizing Pots

    1. Susie, I was just saying to my husband how much I’ve enjoyed our garden this year. The summer started off cool giving the plants a good start, but then the heat wave made them grow and grow and grow. One of my sunflowers is near twelve feet tall. I hope you are having a good summer too my friend. Kathy

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      1. Kathy,
        As I was travelling most of the last two months, I didn’t catch the hottest of the days here and I am grateful- here, we don’t appreciate the hot summer days as we should. Reading your posts I realise I must.

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  1. Love it when we can solve problems with a quick fix, especially when we’re able to do so by using materials already on hand. Especially love that pop of color brightening up your garden! Gorgeousness! 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I usually put my coleus in the ground, but this spring was cold, and they are doing well in the pots. You’re right about quick fixes…and materials on hand…it’s the best feeling to have a simple solution be perfect. 🙂

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