Photographs – March Quickening/Buds, Blooms and Birds

I enjoy taking part in the WordPress Daily Prompts. My prompt word today is quicken. The Merriam-Webster definition of quicken is to make alive. Here are a few examples of ‘The Quickening of March’ in my area of Southern New Jersey.

A Robin Singing…


Skunk Cabbage Emerging…


Catkins Dangling…


Trees Budding in a Blush of Pink…


Wildflowers Blossoming…


12 thoughts on “Photographs – March Quickening/Buds, Blooms and Birds

    1. They help me a lot when I come up dry. The photo challenge is fun too. Have you ever tried Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge? She also comes up with categories that help me stretch out my brain a bit. Have a lovely day!

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    1. I’m glad too Susie, although today it is cold and windy again…March changes so quickly in our area…one day warm with summer-like storms and rain, the next day raw and windy. Kathy


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