Plant – Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)

Last year, when my flowering tobacco set seeds, I picked the pods and shook hundreds of seeds into the back border of my front garden.

Although the seeds were just tiny specks, they wintered over great and hundreds came up in my garden. I didn’t thin the sprouts, I let them battle it out and only the fittest survived.

Because they were not started early indoors they are just beginning to flower now, which suits me fine, other annuals have bloomed and died and it’s nice to have the flowering tobacco coming into bloom in late summer.

These plants don’t need any special care. In New Jersey they grow up to 48 inches tall. The large leaves stay low to the earth, while the flower spike climbs and is eventually covered in a spray of fragrant tubular white flowers. Another plus is my plants don’t seem to be bothered by many insects pests.

The flower perfume is strongest in the evening. The flower stalk is strong and rarely needs staking. The plant grows best in full sun, but mine do well in part shade. I recommend these for a nighttime garden or the back of a border. The white flowers reflect the moonlight and fill the air with amazing scent.

12 thoughts on “Plant – Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)

  1. Sara A. Drissel

    I never heard of the plants but very interesting I would like to have a few seeds to sprinkle under my windows as they w0uld get full sun and give me something pretty to look at Thanks for all the info.

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  2. 🦋 Beautiful.

    I’m always aware of wood rot so I can’t plant up against the walls of the house. – the disadvantages of not iving in a house of brick.

    Potted plants work sometimes but not as impressive as the one in your photos.

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  3. Judy

    Whew! I grew these last year and couldn’t remember the name! What a relief to find this page. I was a bit put off by the huge leaves, but the scent IS wonderful.


  4. Timelesslady

    I love the leaves, but they are very big! I have grown them behind shrubs in the back of my front border. They look lovely against the brick of the house, and although the sun is late in the day, they seem to thrive and come back on their own every year. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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