People – Why I Blog & Buttercups

I’ve known many of you for years—friendships I would miss dreadfully, if the technology of the Internet, as we know it, should expire. Who you are though, your words, your lives, your posts and comments, are in my heart and thoughts for eternity. I’ve rejoiced that so many of you love God. Through your blogs I’ve visited most of the U.S., Qatar, India, The Philippines, Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, The Caribbean and many more. I’ve walked with you in the morning and met your neighbors. I’ve loved your chickens…cats…and dogs…and even some donkeys and other assorted creatures. I’ve enjoyed glimpses into your homes and loved meeting your families. I’ve cooked your recipes, used your DIY tips, planted flowers you’ve recommended, admired your photos, commented on your posts, and enjoyed taking part in your blog challenges. In short, you’ve influenced my life for the better.

I have taken great delight in comments left on my blog. In fact, a recent comment was so beautifully worded it gave me the inspiration for this post. I knew I had to share it and leave a link to this lovely blog and the poetry of the author.

“…one of the marvelous things about blogging: people share golden new things, and still shimmering old things.” Leyda Bien/Poetic Heart Dregs

I thank Leyda for the lovely comment found on my post – Mirrors. Visit her blog by way of the link in the blockquote above.

What connection do buttercups have with this post? Well, when they are newly blossomed there is no other flower quite so golden. When they are old, such as pressed between the pages of a book, they still retain a definite shimmer of the beauty they first exhibited. Live Science gives a wonderful explanation of how and why buttercups have a sheen like no other flower. You can read about it here: How Buttercups Get Their Yellow Gloss.

Buttercups reflect so much light it is hard to get a clear photograph of them. Even on an overcast, damp day, they caught the sun and shone it’s light back at me. Buttercups are my choice for today’s FOTD. These beauties are blooming in southern New Jersey this month.

Pressed buttercups are a perfect example of Leyda’s phrase, ‘shimmering old things.’ Even when pressed between the pages of a book for years, they retain their shimmer. Thank you everyone who blogs here and on other sites…I enjoy your lives and you have made mine very full.

For pressed flower tips visit: The Flower Ark.

30 thoughts on “People – Why I Blog & Buttercups

  1. I have a new appreciation for buttercups today! I’m glad we could connect through our blogs, and through my entirely spontaneous comment…we never know when our words will resonate and bless (or leave a less positive mark) ā¤ Thanks for the mention here šŸ™‚ God bless!

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      1. God is definitely busy today–in the “blessing business”. I have a glimmer of hope to match your buttercups, and that’s exciting šŸ™‚ Thank you for being part of His “task force”, for want of a better term, just now (you see, I can’t always come up with golden words, haha!) ā¤

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        1. Timelesslady

          Thanks Leyda. Task force…I like that. My blogging is my ‘going out into the whole world.’ Task force is a perfect description.


          1. As much as there is to criticize, dangers, etc, about the Internet–the truth is that God meant it for good. It amazes me to think that while He was creating the world, He was already way ahead of man with all things “high tech”:) He knew that blogging would serve as a platform for people like us, a way for us to “go out into the whole world”. Have a blessed May šŸ™‚

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            1. Timelesslady

              I so agree with this…couldn’t answer last night as I was on my tablet and can type with only one finger while on it. I often dwell on the joy heaven will be for all of us who love him. I can’t imagine the beauty and to think of being in his presence for eternity is something that sustains me when I am feeling a bit down. I hope your May is filled with every good thing. I am so glad we met through this crazy thing called the Internet.


            2. Timelesslady

              I have a Fire Tablet and I love it. My husband laughs because if I am having a day besieged with negative thoughts I will put the tablet in a backpack, put on gigantic earphones (I’m a dinosaur, I hate earbuds) and walk around doing my chores and gardening with the tablet on my back. It works. I don’t care if it looks funny at all! The tablet is almost as good as a laptop unless I want to answer or comment on blog posts. Then it is a hindrance just typing one letter at a time. My grandson attaches a keyboard to his laptop at times and says it is just as good as a computer.


  2. Kathy,
    Thank you for the mention and the words- I feel at one with you when i read your posts. You are a person from a different ethnicity, a different language, a different everything but through your posts I feel a oneness with you. You are one of my earliest blog followers and friends. Your words and blog posts are like a daily gospel for me. A day without your post is like I miss out on something that day.
    Butter cups- they are beautiful- I haven’t seen any in my life, so thank you for sharing. They leave their beauty behind them long after they are gone.
    I think if we human beings lead good lives, people will remember us long after we are gone too.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Susie, I am so glad you saw the post and realized with the country list that you are one of my very best of blogging friends. I still hope that one day we can meet. Thanks so much for visiting and being a good friend to me. Kathy

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  3. Cathy, your post reminds me of the song “Build me Up, Buttercup”. I am not sure if that’s the title though. So nice to have met you here too. Friendship goes a long, long way through distance and time.

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  4. Hi again, dear “Lady”–I wouldn’t normally ask anyone to read my posts, but God used you among other angels to encourage me in the past few days…and I’ve heard Him speaking about doing a “new thing” in my life. This is an answer to desperate prayers, and I’m feeling hopeful–which led to the post I just published…and maybe you’d be interested in it. If not, no problem at all šŸ™‚ God bless you ā¤

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks for the great round-up. I was glad to take part this week. I will check out the posts you listed. Thanks so much for including me.


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