Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays – An Explanation

I struggled to find the perfect ‘p’ or ‘q’ word as a category for my new blogging format. After considering the words pause, pared down, and even pruned, I decided on this sweet little cliche that perfectly describes future blog posts.

“Put in a nutshell- To summarize or describe something in only a few words.” ~The Free Dictionary

Putting things in a nutshell is what I hope to do with my blogging endeavors in the next year. I came close to completely stepping away from the blog for a year or two. Instead I decided on condensing the posts I might make in a week to one quick-reading version. Some weeks might only consist of a photograph or a quote, other weeks might find me a bit more long-winded. The only thing I can promise is I will begin writing, ‘A Year of Sundays,’ this week.

One motivation behind the new format is the realization that I circle around and back to the same scenes, flowers, projects and garden hints over and over again. In short, I’m running out of unique ideas. The new technique will be a weekly diary of sorts.

One of the good outcomes I hope to reap from this decision is more time to read YOUR AMAZING BLOGS. Thanks so much for the support through the years. Kathy

19 thoughts on “Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays – An Explanation

    1. Timelesslady

      I feel I don’t read other posts ‘mindfully’ at times. I have cut back on my to-do lists for just the same reason and decided to listen for God’s voice and be ‘mindful’ of everything. I’ve enjoyed so many of the posts you repost. I probably would have missed them if you had not reposted. Thanks!

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  1. I will miss your daily posts- they were sort of the highlight of my day- every day around 3 pm our time I would be clicking on threepsandq.com to see if you had posted. Even your reposts would do for me. A time when you took a hiatus, I missed you a lot. But even aa year of Sundays is good. As usual I am sure you will write inspirational posts with life lessons and how you sustain life in your corner of the world. Your posts mean a lot to me- because they talk of greenery, the environment, plants, animals, butterflies, tadpoles, cats and the outdoors and sometimes crafty stuff.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Susie, Just like you I am hoping to have more time to read the posts of others and comment and like. I’m also trying to pare things down and prune back some of the unnecessary things here at home too. After forty years the house is filled with things we no longer need.


    1. Timelesslady

      Ich wünsche dir das Gleiche.
      Ich hoffe, ich habe die richtige Grammatik. Ich verwende Google Translate, um mein Englisch in Ihr Deutsch zu ändern. Ich hoffe es kommt richtig raus und macht Sinn.
      I wish you the same.
      I hope I have the right grammar. I use Google Translate to change my English to German. I hope it comes out right and makes sense.


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