Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #6

Wild grapes remind me of my childhood. I often spent a week or two of summer vacation with my maternal grandparents in western Pennsylvania. My grandfather had a big garden and some fruit trees. Near his small orchard grove he had a trellis with vines of wild grapes climbing on it.

I remember being disappointed by the taste of the wild grapes, seedy and sour. Whatever my impression of the grapes was, I wish I was back in time, at Granny and Pap-pap’s, stuffing wild grapes in my mouth, running all over the back yard with my sisters and cousins, all the while spitting grapes at each other with gusto. When I smell wild grapes on my morning walks in late summer/early autumn, I am taken back to those perfect summer days.

Remembering the love of my family reminds me of the love of my Father in Heaven. Recently, while having a conversation about God with my seven year old grandson, I told him God was within us and never leaves us. He suddenly dropped his chin, stared at his own chest and said, “Hello God.” What faith! The amazing, incomparable belief of a small child! I pray that kind of unshakable belief and love is what God sees in me when he searches my heart.

“And he (Jesus) said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

I’ve had interesting visitors to my yard in shades of brown and orange. A box turtle took a stroll through my grass, stayed long enough for me to photograph and annoy him with my attention, and then disappeared into the ivy border.

Happily, the garden has been visited by Monarch butterflies daily in the past week.

I was thrilled to see one laying its white cone-like eggs on my ornamental milkweed. The variety is called Silky Gold Milkweed and is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. I’ve been pleased with the growth and display of this beautiful plant.

The spent flowers, when pollinated, produce pods full of seeds much like wild milkweed.

I’ve been able to save seeds to plant next Spring.

I’ve taken dozens of Monarch photographs this week…the one I captured of a Monarch in flight is a favorite. Have a blessed week.

The blue-green of the grape leaves is part of this week’s Color Your World Challenge.

17 thoughts on “Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #6

  1. Laughing with joyful agreement at your grandson’s response–“Hello God”. I came to a living breathing personal relationship with the Lord rather late in life, but better late than never–and there’s nothing like that blissful and comforting certainty that indeed, He lives within us and never leaves. May He bless you abundantly in the coming week ❤

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks so much Arlene. I tried to grow the wild milkweed also this year, but have only managed one small sprout of it. I’m hoping it will come back next year stronger. The silky golden milkweed has been a pleasure and is very beautiful. I bought it as a starter plant. I’m hoping it will return too.

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  2. Your grandson saying “Hello, God” is great.

    It reminds me of a story about my husband. He was a ship chartering broker, and he spent hours a day on the telephone. One evening he came home and was really tired. The children and I had already eaten, so I put his food in front of him and sat down to be with him. He bowed his head to say a blessing and said, “Hello.”

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    1. Timelesslady

      Love it! When God is personal and in our hearts we naturally say, ‘Hello.’ Thanks so much Anne. You gave me an uplift of heart and a smile this morning.

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