Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #7

The color for this week’s Color Your World Challenge is Blue-Violet.

I created the back drop for the encouraging verse from Philippians by blurring this photograph of my garden’s nepata (catmint), also known as perennial catnip. The plant bloomed in early spring. After I cut back the spent blossoms it sent out more buds and has flowered again in the heat of summer.

Blue Lobelia, also known as Blue cardinal flower, blooms in August when most flowers have begun to fade away. The hundreds of blossoms on the tall spikes draw butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Blue Lobelia is my Flower of the Day.

Another great blue-violet garden plant that naturalizes is Browallia americana. It grows easily in full sun or partial shade.

Years ago I filed away an article from Birds and Blooms magazine on Mothing. I couldn’t find the article online but found another with similar information: Finding Moths/National Moth Week.

Before the grandchildren arrived, we hung a white tablecloth on the clothesline and shone a blacklight on it when the sun went down.

We were hoping for large, spectacular moths, but only had a few small ones visit the light. I think the peak time for spotting the larger moths has passed by with the end of July.

Out best moth was this one, rather plain variety, but the grandchildren were pleased to have a look at this one up close.

The most exciting moment in the evening was realizing this large garden spider was using one of our chairs as a tether point for his web. Yikes!

11 thoughts on “Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #7

  1. You think of the most marvelous things to do!

    One of the coleus seeds this year must have been from your giant plant. I still have the first giant, though it has suffered for being inside over the winter. The new one quickly dwarfed its pot, so I transplanted it to a larger one outdoors. It seems happy, and so am I. I think of you whenever I look at the plants.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Sorry about not getting the links to you. We had a big family summer sleepover this weekend, so much fun, but getting everything ready and cleaned back up took most of my time…and then of course I needed a nap to recover from all the fun. 😊


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