Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #9

The brokenness of the quote makes it hard to read. If the pieces were aligned and cemented together they would read as Corrie Ten Boom intended…

“Be united with other Christians. A wall with loose bricks is not good. The bricks must be cemented together.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

This week’s Color Your World Challenge is Brick-Red. I enjoyed playing with both the color and the visual of bricks. Thanks Tourmaline for the challenge.

I have read many times that butterflies enjoy feeding from rotting fruit. When my grape tomatoes split I toss them into a nearby pot until I have a chance to throw them away. I let a few sit several days this week. I will leave them to rot from this time forth: black swallowtail butterflies have been feasting on the rotting tomatoes. This one seemed so enamored by its feast we questioned whether it was still alive. It was, and didn’t even flit away when we took a close-up look.

Bricks, especially novelty bricks, make a good place for hardy portulaca to grow.

The hummingbirds are in love with my brick-red firecracker plants. I’ve grown them as a short hedge in previous years, but the hummingbirds seems to prefer the two I am growing in hanging baskets. Next year, I will grow them in hanging baskets again, but will also add a draping flower around the edge of the pot.

I missed seeing these whopper cucumbers until I pulled out my vines. Since the vines were especially productive, easy to grow, and the cucumbers delicious, I decided to let them ripen in hopes of saving the seeds for next year’s gardens.

My homemade tomato sauce recipe is a shade of brick red, prompting me to share my recipe for leftover spaghetti.

LEFTOVER SPAGHETTI PIE (8 or 9 inch pie pan)
(Wax paper makes it easier to remove contents if you need the pie pan for another recipe. This step is optional.)
Slice meatballs or sausage thinly to cover bottom.

Spread leftover spaghetti over meatballs.

Add parmesan, asiago, pizza cheese mix, romano….any cheese you have on hand will do.

Bake at 350 for 30 to 45 minutes, or do as I did and cover with foil and freeze. These are great to pull out of the freezer, defrost, and eat when you don’t feel like cooking. Happy Eating and have a blessed week.

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