Put in a Nutshell – A Month of Sundays #2

I love the resiliency of Queen Anne’s Lace. It is considered an invasive weed by some, but I find its lacy petals and ferny foliage beautiful.

Although it looks delicate, it’s one tough plant. It can grow just about anywhere. This blossom is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day.

The Queen Anne’s lace is growing near the docks on the Fortescue Creek. This photo is part of Skywatch.

Saturday morning we went fishing at the Delaware Bay. Rose hips, growing on the sand dunes near the water, are another plant with great resiliency. I find the fruit of the wild roses beautiful against the rustic slats of the dune fences.

The air was filled with beautiful dragonflies finding resting spots on tall stems and trees. Unfortunately, another not so nice insect was also buzzing around…the Greenheads have arrived. If you don’t know what I mean by a Greenhead Fly, and have never been bitten by one, consider yourself very lucky! We have found that Avon Skin So Soft mixed half and half with water works great in keeping all kinds of biting insects off of us when we are outdoors. If you want to know more about Greenhead Flies, Yankee Magazine has a great article: Greenhead Flies.

A bit of a drama played out in front of me while I searched for photo opportunities. A very old gull seemed to study me. I know the wiliness of gulls when food is involved. My husband has had a hoagie and french fires snatched out of his hands by gulls flying past.  I think the gull realized I was lacking any type of food and he sauntered away.

The next time I saw him he was helping himself to a fisherman’s bait board.

The fisherman, realizing he was an old bird, was so kind, and gently shooed him away. I was touched to see him cut away a piece of his bait and throw it out to gull as he swam in the water. I think this gull deserves to be part of Bird of the Day.

Later we thought we saw the fisherman pull in a fish. I sure hope it was a big one; he deserved it for his kindness.

I don’t have any projects going on right now, I’m too tied up with gardening and outdoor activities, but a few ideas are percolating around in my head. I can feel the itch to start something new beginning to take hold. Maybe I’ll paint a portrait of this Cabbage White Butterfly. I love the detail of his eyes and antennae as he sips nectar from my lavender blooms. The creativity of God in even the simplest of creatures always brings me a sense of awe and praise. This photo is part of Sunday Stills – Creatures and Critters with Wings.

If you have Haagen-Dazs ice cream in your area sample their Sea Salt Caramel Truffle flavor. The lid says it’s a limited edition. I think I’m going to have to write a letter and beg them to keep making it. It’s AMAZING! I think the only thing that could make it better is to scoop it out with Pepperidge Farm’s Chessmen cookies.

I’m a big believer in going barefoot outdoors even into old age if you are able. Barefoot is Best – this is a fact you can easily prove for yourself. Feeling blue? Take your shoes off and walk in sand, water, grass, or even on bare ground. This process is called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding.’ I’m a believer! This week I felt especially buoyant when I walked barefoot on a rainy day. More information can be found here: Benefits of Going Barefoot. Try it, the only drawback is dirty feet!

That’s pretty much my week. I wonder what the new one will bring? I’m happy to have my computer back from the shop. The problem was the power cord, worn out after years of use. It was a reasonably priced repair, and I’m very grateful for that too. It’s much easier to blog on a larger keyboard. I love my tablet but using it to write posts is difficult. Until next time…

Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays #1

I’ve been experimenting with a new technique for extracting the scent of garden flowers. Enfleurage captures the scent of flowers by pressing fragrant petals into fats or oil. Since I find the scent of organic coconut oil pleasant I’ve been using it to draw out the fragrance.

The photograph shows some petals of ‘Old Spice’ Sweet Peas in the process of enfleurage. I chose a simple method and press petals in oil between two plates. So far, I’ve tried lilac, heliotrope, sweet peas, and lavender. You can find a detailed description of enfleurage here: Enfleurage

Every morning I read Charles Stanley’s daily devotional. This week, the devotional on love and war really rang true for me. Dr Stanley writes an easy to understand explanation on why war between good and evil on this earth is sometimes necessary, but personal battles between people and revenge is not. You can read the devotional here:
Love and War

I finished reading Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. The historical facts were staggering. I knew of some of the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime against Polish citizens, but I had no idea of the medical experiments on their women.

Seven Black Swallowtails emerged from their chrysalis this week. I caught the first glimpse of this one on video. I’m happy to tell you he/she waited for its wings to dry, and then flew over the roof into the morning sunshine.

I’m harvesting cucumbers and they are delicious!

Flowers blooming in the garden.

Thanks for reading! God bless your week.

Put in a Nutshell – A Year of Sundays – An Explanation

I struggled to find the perfect ‘p’ or ‘q’ word as a category for my new blogging format. After considering the words pause, pared down, and even pruned, I decided on this sweet little cliche that perfectly describes future blog posts.

“Put in a nutshell- To summarize or describe something in only a few words.” ~The Free Dictionary

Putting things in a nutshell is what I hope to do with my blogging endeavors in the next year. I came close to completely stepping away from the blog for a year or two. Instead I decided on condensing the posts I might make in a week to one quick-reading version. Some weeks might only consist of a photograph or a quote, other weeks might find me a bit more long-winded. The only thing I can promise is I will begin writing, ‘A Year of Sundays,’ this week.

One motivation behind the new format is the realization that I circle around and back to the same scenes, flowers, projects and garden hints over and over again. In short, I’m running out of unique ideas. The new technique will be a weekly diary of sorts.

One of the good outcomes I hope to reap from this decision is more time to read YOUR AMAZING BLOGS. Thanks so much for the support through the years. Kathy