Painting – Applying QoR Cold Press Ground

This video shows how I apply QOR Cold Press Watercolor Ground to canvas boards and stretched canvas. I have used the cold press ground on a 18 x 24 stretched canvas in the past, and enjoy displaying the painting without frame or glass. It is sitting on my fireplace mantel at this time.

I applied the cold press ground to four canvases while I had all the supplies out. It is a bit messy. Be careful to wear an apron and wipe up any splatters  as they might become permanent. I applied cold press ground twice on each canvas, waiting until the first coat was completely dry before adding the second.

I worked outside in high humidity, the birdsong is a nice accompaniment. I thought I could add an audio narration when I created the video, but the sound was so scratchy I deleted it. Next time, I’ll try to narrate as I work.

There are many different techniques for applying the ground. I like this one because I prefer a smoother finish to work on. If you want to check out other ways to apply the ground YouTube has quite a few good examples. I’ll be adding pages as I complete the art. Thanks for looking.