Place – Mullica Hill in Doors

A photo of a purple door seemed a perfect starting point for  Norm’s Thursday Doors. I found this door and several other compelling additions to the post in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, a town near me known for antiques.

I loved the idea this shop used for their open and closed sign. I was disappointed they were closed and I couldn’t look inside, the porch…

…and the yard…

… were full of great ideas and interesting treasures.

Across the way I found a house with a beautifully wreathed door.

A sign named it the Ellis Shivers House established in 1771.

Displayed near one of the antique shops was this acrylic pour pumpkin. I would have never thought of creating the look over a pumpkin. Guess what I’ll be attempting next year? The uncontrolled painting style was the perfect choice for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt/Loose.

19 thoughts on “Place – Mullica Hill in Doors

  1. That first door looks blue to me rather than purple, but I like it either way. It would be fun to poke around these places, but it would drive me nuts to have all that stuff outside my house! 🙂 Looks like lots of lovely homes there.


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    1. Timelesslady

      There are really beautiful homes in the town…some very old. Sometimes my computer doesn’t pick up the purples. It’s one of the hardest colors to correctly show…it probably is near to periwinkle rather than a bold purple. Thanks for stopping by. 😊


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