Plants – Leggy Tomato Seedlings? No Problem!

A few weeks ago I planted four tomato seeds in each of fourteen Solo party cups. Most sprouted and I’ve already snipped away the extras leaving only two sprouts to continue growing. Snipping makes more sense than pulling the tiny plantlets up. There’s no chance of disturbing the remaining roots if you snip the sprout off near the soil.

Today I will choose the sturdiest plant in each cup and snip off the other. I also will add more soil to the cup, topping off near the rim. Did you know that tomato plants develop more roots along the stem if you plant them deep or add more soil?

Here’s a great article in the Spruce with good tips on growing excellent tomatoes:
Growing Strong Tomatoes

10 thoughts on “Plants – Leggy Tomato Seedlings? No Problem!

  1. So much great information, Kathy. Are these heirloom, organic tomatoes ?
    I just want to see old fashioned, knuckled and rough skinned tomatoes in the market. My eyes look for them all the time but can’t any tomatoes but the smooth, perfect skinned ones.
    I ordered a few heirloom tomato seeds through ebay today- I was so desperate.
    I have a few dandelion seedlings grow this year and I am cutting off the leaves to eat as a salad- this is my only crop adventure for 2019.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Susie, they are a mixed bag. Some heirlooms and some just plain old ordinary hardware store varieties. I am excited about all of them. I’d say the mix is about half and half heirlooms. I have purple, pole and Brandywine heirlooms. I think some of the larger varieties might be hybrids…but I’m not sure. Aren’t dandelion greens supposed to be excellent for health? Enjoy them Susie. Kathy

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        1. Timelesslady

          I have high hopes. I’ve grown them before, but have had different results each year. It seems almost everyone in my area had a disappointing crop last year. We had a lot of rain, not much sun. In fact, it’s been a record year for rain in our area.

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      1. Yes, about the dandelion greens. I am so happy about identifying these plants. I planted the seeds last year and a few plants came up with the tiny yellow flowers and I wondered what these beautiful plants were but didn’t even imagine they were dandelions- having never seen these in my life before. This year, they popped up again in our winter and then I thought about googling their pictures and found out they were dandelions- so I am cutting up the leaves and eating them- not sure if there is a any difference in my health. i am trying hard to eat 7-10 cups of vegetables every day per Dr. Berg whose videos I watch to get myself healthy and he advises this. Buying greens from the shops here is way too expensive.
        About the tomatoes, when they fruit, will you share the pictures please ?

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  2. I once had a neighbour who grew the most fantastic tomatoes, that got to a size so large, that one slice was enough for a sandwich. He would meticulously save seeds for the following year, and never did tell me what variety of tomato these were, but he would give me a plant every year for my garden.

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