Pheathers – Moth

One bonus of spring and summertime are the moths I find on my front door screen in the morning. Drawn by the porch light, they seem to be at rest in the early hours before moving on. The moths are usually at eye level giving me a good look at the complexities of their feathered antennae and the scales that mimic fuzzy fur when seen with the naked eye.

This moth on my front door is part of Norm’s Thursday Doors.

8 thoughts on “Pheathers – Moth

    1. Timelesslady

      It did, but he stayed on his screen perch all day. I wonder if he was newly emerged from a cocoon and was letting his wings dry through the day. I get a lot of moths on the screen. I think the porch light draws them through the night.

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  1. Moths i can handle, some I even appreciate – although I vastly prefer butterflies! 🙂

    Currently though i am being besieged by the Cape Lilac Moth – a pretty name for a very ugly critter!. To be precise it is the caterpillar stage that is the problem. (Also known as the White Cedar Moth)

    There are 1000’s of them and they are currently eradicating the leaves of my lilac tree that gives it both it’s name and all it’s green leaves to these voracious vermin. Like the moths they are largely nocturnal and crawl away to hide from the sun (including in my house and garage!!)

    I will NOT be opening any doors for them! 😉

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    1. Timelesslady

      This is just a screen in the storm door. We have a long screen door on our back patio…a throwback I guess…it bangs and squeaks a bit. I enjoy it.


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