Projects & Phlowers – First Roses/Grain Alcohol – Update

The first rose to bloom in my 2021 garden was ‘Blue Lagoon.’ This beautiful rose is one of my oldest bushes, and is so large, I have to trim it to keep it off the back wall of the house. It is very disease resistant, and best of all, the flowers are sweetly fragrant.

The fragrance makes it a perfect choice to add to my Grain Alcohol Springtime blend. Last year, I wrote of using Vodka to extract the fragrant floral oils from flowers. I had a bit of success, however, the immediate results of using the higher proof Grain Alcohol has been truly exciting. Unfortunately, the color of the petals is also extracted. At this time, because of the mix of many colors, the Grain Alcohol is a muddy brown, but the scent, oh my, the scent is sublime.

I only use flowers that are edible, or that I have researched as non-poisonous. There are some beautiful fragrant flowers that I don’t use. Lily of the Valley is an example of a fragrance I like, but the plant is toxic, and isn’t something I want to take a chance with in my extraction. Skin can absorb the oils in the extraction so anything that is edible seems to be a safer choice.

The pink of the petals will disappear in two days. The fragrance in the flower will transfer in the same amount of time. I’m eagerly awaiting the blossoming of honeysuckle in our area. I will work on this jar until the end of May and then begin a ‘Summer’ jar of fragrant flowers.

9 thoughts on “Projects & Phlowers – First Roses/Grain Alcohol – Update

    1. Timelesslady

      I don’t know if that is what Sterno is…I will look up the Joseph’s Coat. I might have tried to grow it once and lost it…the name sounds familiar. Is it yellow with streaks through it?

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        1. Timelesslady

          We camp now and then and have used Sterno, but I didn’t know it was made up of grain alcohol. I’ve been putting this stuff on my wrist, hmmm…..I hope I am not poisoning myself. 🤔


        1. Timelesslady

          Roses are so reliable, that’s why I never feel I am wasting money when I buy one. Even if it lasts only a few seasons, it is well worth the money.

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