Quote & Photograph – A Wish, A Prayer and Two Shoes

wish, prayer & Shoes jpg

“The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless.” ~ Billy Graham

One Wish & One Prayer to spread the GOOD NEWS  = Two Shoes

How long has it been since you dusted off your witnessing shoes?

“Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan. For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world.
So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing up. But to do this, you will need the strong belt of truth and the breastplate of God’s approval. Wear shoes that are able to speed you on as you preach the Good News of peace with God. In every battle you will need faith as your shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan. And you will need the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit—which is the Word of God. Pray all the time. Ask God for anything in line with the Holy Spirit’s wishes. Plead with him, reminding him of your needs, and keep praying earnestly for all Christians everywhere.” Ephesians 6:10-18

Phun – Dandelion Curlicues

dandelion puff

I love dandelions and enjoy behaving like a child again when I blow the fuzzy seeds into the wind while “wishing.” Dandelions can also amuse and entertain children by magically morphing into curlicues. Strip the top off of a dandelion stem, split the stem into several pieces, drop into a basin of shallow water, and you will witness an odd occurrence; the dandelions will twist and curl into the most interesting shapes.

water and dandelion stems

dandelion curls

dandelion curls on slate

Try this with a child, or shhhhhh….I won’t tell if you try it on your own when no one is looking. 😀

Project – Greeting Cards/Black and White Photo with Glitter


I enjoy taking photographs to use as greeting cards. In the Autumn I was able to capture this photograph of a dandelion. I was so pleased when I downloaded it onto my computer and saw that I had also captured rays of light. I loved the photo and decided to have it developed in many ways, full color, black and white, sepia tones, etc. Each one turned out well.

I had a birthday gift to give last week and wanted to enclose it in a photo card. The recipient loves pink, so I glammed up the plain photo with a little bit of glitz. Glitter doesn’t photograph well, but you can see a bit of the sparkle I achieved in the photo above.


I brushed a bit of iridescent medium on the photograph. The iridescence did not show up as much as I had hoped. Since the medium, when it dries, will also glue anything on it in place, I also added some ultra-fine glitter. It did the trick. The dandelion glimmered. Double-mounted on plain white and black card stock, the card had a bit of pizazz. I plan to try adding a bit of glimmer to more of my photographic cards. Happy Glimmering!

*Note: You don’t have to exclusively use acrylic medium. Try watered down white glue, mod podge, or anything else that will dry crystal clear. I also need to add that the medium you use as a “glue” might not cover well. Mine wafted about and made little rivulets, but in my opinion, this tendency to separate created a better, more ethereal look on the card front.