Pheathers – Diagonal Lines of Swallows

A Swallow on a diagonal line is my choice for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Diagonals.

The swallows living near the Delaware Bay were everywhere, swooping through the air to eat greenhead flies and other insects. I also saw several in the heat of mid-day cooling themselves by fluttering and lifting their wings in the breeze.

Another choice for Cee’s Challenge was this little getaway spot underneath the deck of a beach house. A stack of lobster buoys hung nearby, the stairs a perfect diagonal from deck to the ground.

23 thoughts on “Pheathers – Diagonal Lines of Swallows

  1. I laughed when I saw your birds on the wires. There were four wires outside my office window. One day there were a number of birds there. In my mind I discarded one of the five music staff lines and used the birds as notes. I sang the music the birds indicated.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Oh Anne…that is one of the coolest and most fun things I have heard of…You know…my mindset will forever be changed by this…I will always be looking for a birdy song to sing. Oh my…I can’t wait to tell my family this tomorrow when we celebrate the Fourth. You are a treasure!


        1. Timelesslady

          Anne, now I feel something bubbling up in me that makes me feel that I might start singing everything. When I sing I feel like I’m singing unto the Lord. He’ll send the notes in nature…just like your birds. I feel so inspired. I probably sound a little nutty, but love new endeavors…especially ones I can share with my grandchildren and perhaps bring their lives a bit more joy.


    2. Timelesslady

      And now I will be looking for music in everything…and might have to juggle to compose…oh dear….a new obsession. What have you started…you have started fun and a good thing.


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