Phun – Jacks & Jills

I searched my own archives yesterday for some Halloween ideas. I found three interesting posts full of ideas for Jacks and Jills. Enjoy!


These sweet Jack-O-Lantern ornaments are created from common oyster shells picked up from local beaches.


Today, my grandson decorated our “Holiday Tree” with these “Jacks & Jills.” Oyster Jacks Part I and Oyster Jacks Part II contain detailed directions with step-by-step photos.

jacks & Jills

If you are blessed with pumpkins galore and enjoy carving, you can create a replica of this set of bleachers loaded down with a crowd of grinning Jacks & Jills.


Last in our trio of ideas for “Jacks & Jills” is this baby-eating Jack. Spooky! My Jack’s eyebrows might be a little large and wonky…they appear to be extra eyes to me…but even now, just looking at the photo makes me smile. 🙂 The source of this idea can be found on Pinterest.

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