Photo Challenge – Weather Vane Wednesday/Seashore Offerings Part I

We took a Sunday drive to Ocean City, Strathmere and Sea Isle City, New Jersey on the weekend.  Most weather vanes I see tend to be near our seashore towns.  We saw at least three vanes that had spun and predicted wind for so long they lost their decorative top piece and were left with only letters. The chosen weather vane photograph is one my husband predicted, ‘Maybe today you’ll get two vanes in one photo.’ Within minutes of his remark I did just that. Can you see the second vane behind the first in the distance.

Most of the vanes I find at the seashore have a nautical or ocean theme. One interesting note is the positioning of both vanes. These two are actually working vanes and both show the wind blowing from the same direction.

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The weather vanes, seen from above and below, are also a perfect fit for Nancy Merrill’s challenge of Above and Below.

The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, I post a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found and any history connected to it. The main focus of the challenge is the photo of the Weather Vane and the location. The challenge can be Wordless if that is what you choose. If you would like others to see your post leave a link to your blog in the comment box. You can also tag the post #weathervaneweds. If you place a link to my post in your post you will create a pingback that will appear in the comment section. The challenge is open all week for comments and posts. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge.

Many thanks to Cee, of Cee’s Photography, for including this challenge in her listing of WordPress Challenges. If you love challenges take a look at this page and while you are there check out some of Cee’s terrific posts. Thanks Cee!

Place – Which Way to Tall Pines?

We always assumed it was called Tall Pines because of the tall pines surrounding it. Once a golf course and restaurant, it is now a 110 acre state preserve. In some areas you can still see where the sand pits were located. The trail in the photo is part of this week’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

We saw the silhouette of a large bird in the distance and thought perhaps it was a young eagle, but on closer inspection saw it was only a big buzzard. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are eagles and hawks nesting in this area in the Springtime.

The preserve was dedicated in June of 2016. It has taken us two years to visit and ride our bikes on the trails. I’m sure it will be a favorite excursion in the future. When we crossed the creek there were so many criss-crossing trails and choices we were lost for about twenty minutes, but soon found our way back.

This aeriel view courtesy of Google Maps gives you a sense of the immense size of the preserve.

Autumn is an especially good time to visit. We enjoyed the view of this small footbridge at the edge of the pond. These photographs were taken near noon today. The only problem we encountered were the beggar ticks, a burr type of seed, that hitchhiked home on our clothing.

If you like to hike and live in, or are visiting, Southern New Jersey, take advantage of this beautiful park