Prose & Projects – Windowsill Art & Pure Sea Glass

Windowsill Art

I came across an interesting book at the public library: Windowsill Art by Nancy Ross Hugo. I knew by the title that I would love this book. I feel an instant kinship to anyone who can inspire creativity within me.  I immediately fashioned a bit of windowsill art with some sea glass, shells and a sprig of Trumpet Vine. If you have a chance to borrow or buy this inspiring book…please do.


Inside my Spirit of Philadelphia Dinner Cruise stemmed glass I placed some sea glass I’ve collected from ocean and bay beaches I often visit.


I was glad to bring the glass in out of the garage where it is haphazardly stored in plastic bins. One of these day I need to get all my beach combing finds in some type of order. I also added a leaflet plucked off my Trumpet Vine to the arrangement, and a broken whelk shell. I enjoyed putting this bit of windowsill art together.

sea glass

I believe I’ve posted in the past on one of my favorite books, Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte. If you enjoy beach combing and searching for “treasures,” you will enjoy looking through this visually lovely book.

Below are a few close-ups of some of the sea glass included in my windowsill art. I enjoyed using the green piece with an oyster shell attached. The greens, browns and whites are most commonly found on nearby beaches. The cobalt blue and olive-green pieces are a little more unique. The olive-green glass is also interesting because it has a curved lip on it. Give hunting a little sea glass a try when you next walk on a beach beside an ocean or bay.




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Photograph – Faux Pearl

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped. What does Enveloped Mean to You?”

Oyster with Pearly Egg

Yesterday, while watering my flower beds I spotted a tiny glimmer beneath a bird feeder. An egg lay there, its grey-blue shell speckled with brown. I think it is most likely the egg of a finch. They are plentiful in our area, and frequently visit our birdfeeders, making their nests in the trees in our yard. I might try to save the beautiful piece of nature, and thought the perfect resting place was the ‘enveloping’ security of an oyster shell. What a strange and lovely pearl the humble oyster holds…I love this unique combination of God’s handiwork.

My best description of being enveloped cannot be captured by a photograph, but it is perfectly described in this verse from the Psalms—

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” ~Psalms 91:4