Projects – Vermicomposting/The Worm Farm Update

A quick update on my vermicomposting project. Vermicomposting is a fancy name for worm farming. You can read my initial blog post on worm farming here: The Worm Farm.

The “farm” is doing terrific. I found a wonderful blog that is helping me along. contains the answers to any question a newbie vermicomposter has about worm farming. You can take a look at the site here: Vermicomposters.

One of the topics I found to be of great help was on the subject of what the worms like to eat. I saw that cantaloupe and other melons are a worm favorite. I had an old piece of cantaloupe rind in my fridge that was beyond the date of safe human consumption so I decided to give it a try. I scooped out the interior of the melon and placed it in a corner of the worm farm. What a surprise awaited me in about ten days or so…the cantaloupe seeds had sprouted. You can see a few of them in the picture above. After reading a blog post on, I was assured that this is common and is an indication that you are doing things right. You can read the vermicomposting post here: Sprouting Seeds

Another surprise has been the fresh air smell that wafts out of the composter. I was prepared for a sour odor…not so…the smell that awaits me each time I feed the worms is that of the floor of woodsy forest. It is in no way offensive.

I feed my worms every five days. So far I have given them lettuce, apple peels, crushed eggshells, a minimal amount of coffee grounds, and the cantaloupe. They are thriving. The bottom layer of newspaper bedding I added at the start has since turned into compost. I’m thrilled! The liquid capture kitty litter bucket has been filled with bits of compost and liquid, again no odor, and I have added this to the water I give to my houseplants.

Need I even say that so far my worm farm has been a success! If you’ve ever felt a nudge to give it a try…please give into your inclination. It is so much fun.

I will post updates about my worm farm progress through the next few months…check back.