Phascination – Unexpected Roadblocks

I was walking in Alcyon Park when I noticed a fallen branch. Oh…not a branch at all…

…A long, rather large snake.

I thought at first he was not alive,

until I prodded him with the toe of my shoe. Yikes!

He didn’t appreciate that at all.

He continued to advance and coil, and I retreated…quickly.

He was at least four feet long.

Of course, I posted my pictures on Facebook.

Friends thought he might be a…

Rat snake, King Snake or a
Black Racer.

I am not sure, I just know he was a “BIG” snake.

He/she retreated back into the woods.

I won’t be walking in there anytime soon.

After googling the names my Facebook friend suggested, and checking out the photographs on the sites I found, I am convinced he/she was an Eastern Black Rat Snake. This means he is a very good snake to have around. I’d rather have hundreds of this fellow living in the woods nearby, than have hundreds of rats and other destructive, disease-carrying rodents.

My slithery friend didn’t fall under any category I use for my blog, so I used my blogger’s prerogative, and took some creative license when I created the new category of “Phascination.” (fascination)

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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