Place and Plants – Jamaican Foliage and Flowers

Jamaica has a gorgeous array of plant life. Here is a beautiful example of a bromeliad.



Not sure of variety, perhaps a type of canna.


Loved, loved, loved this terrific foliage plant. I am trying to identify it, and hopefully find a tropical plant nursery here in the states and buy one for home. These grow large in the tropics and this one was actually part of a hedge. (I have since found out the name of this lovely bush/shrub/tree…it is called a Sea Grape, I am going to be able to order some seeds and try to grow my own. Oh Happy Day!)


2 thoughts on “Place and Plants – Jamaican Foliage and Flowers

  1. timelesslady

    I thank those of you who have visited this page today. It renewed my interest in finding out what the name of the Red-veined leaf is, and I did…it is a leaf from a sea-grape bush. Tomorrow I’m ordering seeds to try and grow my own. 🙂


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