Quick Tip – Snakes and Soap/Garden Pest Deterrents


Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and now a gigantic groundhog visit my yard with the intent of foraging for food. I know this is the way of nature, but I wish they would stick to the clover and other “weedy” offerings within the back yard.


My wish is never totally fulfilled. Although the bunnies munch at the clover, they also are partial to the tender new growth of emerging seedlings and transplants. Even the strap-like leaves of my lilies were bitten off this year.


I’ve tried many solution in past years, occasionally delving into the near ridiculous by bombarding the offending critters with water balloons. Water Balloons Deterrent

This year I’m putting a few dollar store snakes back to work. Purchased originally as a visual deterrent to pests, they ended up residing in the grandchildren’s sandbox. I dug them out a few days ago and draped them over the Square Foot Gardens. Every few days, I move them to new positions, in hopes of giving them the appearance of a live, dangerous snake.


Nothing in the square foot vegetable garden has been bitten off by the rabbits yet (they are still feeding off the tender growth of my perennials,) but oh my, the squirrels and chipmunks don’t seem to be frightened at all by the snakes. I guess they have figured out they are nothing but cheap rubber. Time to sprinkle more grated Ivory Soap around the borders. Hopefully, the smell and eye-watering power of the soap will keep those little rascals from digging out my newly planted vegetable patch.


The worst of my dilemma: the insect variety of pest is only now beginning to emerge. What’s a gardener to do? (Sigh)
Organic Pest Control Tips for your Garden

25 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Snakes and Soap/Garden Pest Deterrents

  1. Only way to stop bunnies n more is a wire fence that goes at least half a meter below the surface ..all around your veggie patch … or all round the garden … but that’s one major undertaking .. other than that coffee grout and egg shells are not on their favourites list .. and also quite good at keeping snails n slugs at bay … well determined critters on and all so .. always an interesting aspect of gardening .Companion planting normally does the trick for me … with lots of extra garlic and marigolds between everything … pests so don’t like those 🙂 Happy Gardening ❤

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      1. reduced fresh ones from the supermarket .. doesn’t matter if they look dreadful and past their sell by date … hot hot ones … rubber gloves of cause …. chop using seeds n all add in boiling water .. let them sit .. stew for a day or two .. you can use the blender in it . to use all of it … but the water should be enough . its strong … and its far more efficient than the powder 🙂 … but you need to watch out for nibbling the fruit /veg .. before you wash it though 😉 that can have interesting results … yip I tried that … the neighbours kid found it hilarious ..me turning red as a beet .. steam coming out o my ears n the like 😉 and in hindsight it was .. LOL .. but wouldn’t recommend it … It does work very well for pests though ❤

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        1. Were they peppers? I have tried that too. The vapors can be strong. It reminds me to try and track down some of the really hot ones and give them a try again. Since I wrote this the bunnies have bit the tops off of some bean and late pea sprouts. I guess they became tired of the perennials.

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          1. yes hot peppers .. Yikes .. you have hungry bunnies your end … sorry … your having such trouble … cute and fluffy but they can sure do some damage … I read something about a device that admits some sound that they here but we do not .. supposed to work for bunnies and moles etc .. but I don’t know .. never tried one .. but maybe you’ve already tried that too ? if not maybe a possibility ?

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  2. Do you suppose the squirrels, et al. have noticed you moving your rubber snakes around? Why not shake the things a bit and carry on like they’re real? If nothing else, it will give your neighbors something to talk about…

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    1. This made me laugh because I have never minded snakes, but my husband “HATES” snakes. He’s even run in place in the past trying to get away from a large black snake. Funny! Last year we had a real snake in the yard. A very large snake….

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  3. I like the tips idea and never heard of ths snake decoy – but I have heard that some use an owl for birds. One year the birds were too much and I hung old CD’s all around and it worked – I guess they hated the shiny movement. and for insects, I used to use a dash of “DE” or diatomaceous earth – but I am careful with so as to not hurt the bees or good insects.
    I also use marigolds and other items (like maia b.) and that helps with my needs. However, I gave up on a few items because nothing ever worked – and so for me – it was easier to modify what I grew and just adjust things that way – and I have had more success. Peppers are my favorite thing to grow – and tomatoes.

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    1. I have peppers and tomatoes too. This year I am growing the tomatoes in straw bales. They are thriving so far. The bales are growing mushrooms too, a new crop is growing on the top every morning, the sun completely melts them back into the bale by noon. 🙂 I’ve used CD’s, but don’t know if it did much good. The balloons were fun, but with small grandchildren I don’t want stray pieces of popped balloon in the yard.

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      1. the balloons are something I have never heard of – and I did laugh when I saw the nice photo of them – felt like tossing a couple. lol. I have not really been in the garden yet (just two times – once in march and once in april) – and will not do too much this year – but all my perennials do their thing and I like how I have it set up. I am also going to buy a bunch og starters becasue I did not have time to do them from seed – even though I will start some seedlings later this month = and then have those for later summer – you know – the rotation of some things is nice. 🙂

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        1. I am hoping a few of the plants I like to start in the ground from seed will be left alone…Mary just gave me a great comment for nylon netting. I am definitely going to give it a try.


          1. oh cool – and we use netting for our blackberries – and the small blueberry bush I have potted up. However, the one thing we learned withty he netting is that it can be encumbering to reach through – and one year we lost so many berries because it became tangled. But then we learned how to layer the netting – and alsolearned how to tie back the berry bush for easier access – ahhh so much to learn as u go – even though in hindsight I do not think blackberry shrubs were the best yard item – I find shoots coming up all around and really think they pulled from the nutrient level – but now I do mostly containers and that works better for many reasons.

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                  1. sounds fun to experiment 🙂

                    and I need to hear your song for the day (week) on your home page – but wanted to share this song, it has been my favorite song this month.


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                    1. I didn’t see a link for the song. I didn’t find songs for the sidebar for a couple of days this week, wasn’t sure if people listened to them. Thanks so much for the input. I’ll try to find a few for the upcoming week. I might repeat a few of my favorites.


                    2. sorry – here is the link

                      well i do not always get to hear the song – and so if you left one up for a week that would be fine with me (and the way i visit) – and I like to hear them – and repeats are also perfect

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  4. Mary Bigger

    Have you ever tried nylon netting from the fabric store? It will last a couple of seasons and is really cheap. I cut appropriate size pieces to toss over plants being ambushed by critters. I’ve had good luck with birds and deer. critters seem to have the laziness factor just like some of us. They go where it is easiest. I don’t have rabbit concerns so I’ve never had to try to confuse them. Good luck! Keep us posted on what works and what doesn’t.

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    1. Mary, what a great idea. I’ve used large sized netting over my pond, but never thought to use the kind sold in fabric stores over vegetables. I will be trying this for sure! Thank you. 🙂


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