Phrustration – Disappearing Act

Decided I wanted to bake.

Had the bright idea to quickly soften the butter outdoors in the sun,

Waited an hour or so, did some chores in the house.

Time to make the cookies…

Went outside to fetch the butter…

One stick was gone…

I should have known better.

My butter was thirty feet away.

Under the pines…


The paper torn askew.

The butter exposed…

Chewed, gulped, swallowed and wallowed in. Bah!

I hope that ornery squirrel had a big bellyache.

3 thoughts on “Phrustration – Disappearing Act

  1. lux22

    I soften butter by putting it in the gas oven with only the pilot light on. The heat from the pilot light works great plus no butter stealing varmits


    1. timelesslady

      Great idea…sometimes I put mine in front of the heating vent and the air softens it quickly, but the day this happened was a warm day and the heat wasn’t running, but the house was still too cool to soften the butter fast.


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