Place & Painting – The Delaware Bay

fortescue fisherman

I can’t remember during what season of the year I took this picture of a man fishing in the Delaware Bay. I would guess it is Autumn or early Spring by the way the fisherman is dressed. He’d be sweltering in heat if the photo was taken during the summer months, and most likely he would have a cooler of ice alongside of him. I’ve lived within fifty miles of the ocean for most of my life. I visit the beaches of the Atlantic dozens of times in a year, yet when I see the waters without landscape and foliage to give me a clue, I have a hard time discerning the season. Along with the ocean, I love the bays that surround our area, the Delaware, the Chesapeake. Every now and then, even as far inland as I dwell, I sometimes think I can smell the sea.

I have taken many photographs over the last twenty years. Thousands of flowers, hundreds of seascapes, vast quantities of landscapes. I even take pictures of the sky and clouds. I have a good collection of reference photos on disc. One day in the midst of spending too much time searching for a particular photograph, I decided I must have a master list. It took me a quite a few hours, but I managed to get all my discs categorized.

I have also posted many of my photographs on Flickr and in the WetCanvas Reference Library. All artist and crafters are welcome to use these photos copyrite free for any painting or project you desire. There are links to my photos in the right sidebar of this blog. If there is a specific photo you need and can’t find, leave a request in the comment section and I will check my files. I have too many photos to post them all, but would be happy to send you something you need through email.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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