Photographs and Place – Block Island Getaway

Block Island 2013 178

My husband and I have just returned from our yearly vacation to Block Island. Block Island is a gorgeous island off the coast of Rhode Island. This beautiful butterfly was photographed outside of the cottage we rented on the island. You can find more information on “The Cottage” and “The Upstairs,” at this link: The Upstairs at Block Island. We love this spot on the island, secluded, yet the center of town is only an easy walk or bike ride away.

Block Island 2013 303

This butterfly bush on the property kept me fascinated. Each time I passed by I found a beautiful winged creature to admire and photograph.

Block Island 2013 054

This gorgeous hummingbird moth visited the butterfly bush every day. What an amazing sight, imagine my delight when I spied two of these beauties on the same bush. Here’s a bit of information about Hummingbird Moths: Hummingbird Moths

Block Island 2013 107

Sweet little skipper butterflies also stopped by the bush.

Block Island 2013 057

Although their season is almost over, the wild roses are still putting on quite a show. This one was photographed beside “The Cottage” where we stayed the week.

2 thoughts on “Photographs and Place – Block Island Getaway

  1. Lovely! Apparently there is a bumper crop of wild butterflies this year. I believe your first butterfly is a Red Admiral? I took a photo of one of these in Staffordshire (UK) at the weekend. They don’t often get born here but apparently they travel over somehow …


    1. timelesslady

      After a slow start there are suddenly butterflies everywhere. They always seem to give me a lift in spirit when I spot one in the yard.


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