Paths – Theme Word for May

I read Bible verses in Psalms each day. As I read, I jot down phrases that I like alongside my to-do list. When I cross off errands and tasks from my list my eyes will fall upon the words from Psalms. I immediately feel renewed and recharged by the promises and blessings contained in this beautiful book of the Bible. Try writing a snippet of a Bible verse or an uplifting quote alongside something you will see several times throughout the day. The instant pick-me-up will do you good. 🙂


At the end of the month, from where I am reading in the Psalms, I choose a word of virtue to study and try to incorporate into my life in the coming month. I will search out additional verses in the Bible that also speak of the same virtuous word and list these to read and study. Some of my recent words have been: faith, joy, hope, purity…whatever word I land on, that is the word I study.

For the month of May 2014 I felt led to take a bit of a departure, instead of a virtuous word, I chose a virtuous action to study: following the path God leads me on. Sometimes that path is hard to discern, but I have faith that for those who love and have given their life to the Lord Jesus Christ, he gently leads us, time and time again, to what is best for our life.

I’ve decided to also make PATHS and PATHWAYS of all sorts a theme for my blog this month. We’ll see how many trails and detours I can come up with to fill these days of May.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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