Pets – Grumpy People and Pets


Rusty, our Maine Coon Cat, is a beautiful animal…but unfortunately when he isn’t hiding from the ringing of the doorbell or other “intrusive” noises, he is rather grumpy.


My grandsons, even though they’ve received nothing but hissing and growls from Rusty, can’t seem to give up on him. Sweet boys…they create toys for him out of pipe-cleaners and talk to him with soft voices, precious overtures in hopes of making friends with him. Rusty’s response…well the old cliche a picture says a thousand words is the perfect explanation.


Oh dear…it’s sad but true, you are never going to please some pets, just as you won’t please some people. Love them…but get over attempting to make them happy and move on. Happy Thursday to You!

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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