Plants – Bougainvillea


I love Jamaica and the beautiful tropical plants and bushes that grace the landscapes and beach areas. One of my favorites is the bougainvillea. Last year I was able to purchase plug/starter sprouts of bougainvillea. Each plantlet was about twelve inches with a spray of flowers on the end. I planted them in a garden bed where they did fairly well. When the weather turned cold I brought them indoors. The bougainvillea are planted in pots this year, happily growing on my back porch.  New growth is beginning to form on the ends of their branches.

My garden bougainvillea

Bougainvillea grow outside year round in some of the sub-tropical regions of the US. Here is a website with terrific facts and tips on how to grow this beautiful plant. How to grow Bougainvillea

Jamaican Bougainvillea plants




The plants can also be found in some nurseries and garden centers. If you are lucky enough to run across one of these plants give growing one a try.


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