People – Oswald Chambers

Excerpts from the June 14th devotional in Still Higher for His Highest:

“The prayer of the feeblest saint on earth who lives in the Spirit and keeps right with God is a terror to Satan. The very powers of darkness are paralysed by prayer…”

“No wonder Satan tries to keep our minds fussy in active work till we cannot think in prayer.”

“The philosophy of prayer is that prayer is the work.”

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I have read devotionals written by Oswald Chambers for a few decades now. Chambers was born, the son of a Baptist minister, in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1874. He originally trained at London’s Royal Academy of Art, but felt called into the ministry. His life story is told in the book, Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God. He died in November of 1917. His books are still in print all over the world. My favorites: My Utmost for His Highest and Still Higher for his Highest.

Here is a link to the bio on the official website: Oswald Chambers Bio

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