Pleasures – Summer Tea in Pink


In an attempt to use more of my fresh spearmint and lemon balm, I concocted a brew that is beautiful to gaze upon and sensational to the taste. The delicious tea only takes a few minutes to mix up, and a few hours to brew. Place three to four good-sized sprigs of spearmint* and lemon balm** into a the jar, along with two herbal tea bags. I chose Pomegranate and Raspberry Green Tea by Stash. Add about four level teaspoons of sugar for a light sweet taste, or more or less according to your own preferences. Honey would work too. Pour the boiling water almost to the brim, put the lids on and set in the sun for several hours. I don’t know if the sunshine did much in the way of brewing, but the tea sure looked pretty catching the sunbeams within the pink liquid.

I decided to make two jars at one time, and I am so glad I did, the tea is delicious! It has a very delicate taste, almost like a flavored water. If you want more flavor and heartier quality, add another teabag or two. An added bonus: the tea brews up to a gorgeous shade of clear pink. Try it, or try a concoction of your own choosing.

* Spearmint is filled with antioxidants, has anti-fungal properties, relieves digestive problems, can relieve headache, fatigue and stress.

**Lemon Balm is good for digestive problems, alleviates melancholia, calming, reduces sleep problems and restlessness. Might also reduce the growth of some viruses.

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