Perspective – He Abides

Yesterday, as I was beginning to work on a project that has no promise of success, I was besieged by doubts and fears, the perfect breeding ground for inaction. The treasured goal my efforts might bring forth will have no chance of being reaped, if ever, for months, maybe years, perhaps even decades in the future. My inner turmoil was worsened by the fact that I started the project five and a half hours later than I had planned. Why? What happened to the determination filling my spirit as I went to bed last night? It’s the question I asked myself as I began, as always, by chronicling the time and what I was doing in my “Art” diary.

“October 8, 2014 – 2:30 – Well, I’m about 5.5 hours late to get in here. There is no good reason other than I am not feeling quite right since I fell yesterday, and I am struggling with a bit of downheartedness, and everything seems futile due to the threat of Ebola, terrorism and the economy tanking. I am grateful though that God abides.”

You can surmise from the diary entry the thought of spending time on anything pertaining to a future hope seemed useless to me. All the problems I wrote of…along with constant government mismanagement, natural disasters…in short complete global chaos, crowded into my thinking like evil specters in a haunted house and shouted, “Why bother?”

I’ll tell you why I’ll continue trying, my friend, I’ll keep on keeping on because of the last sentence in my diary entry.

“I am grateful though that God abides.”

As soon as I wrote those words a sense of peace filled me and the song “He Abides,” flashed through my mind. I went to Youtube and found a beautiful acapella version of the song, along with many other hymns by the same group on the sidebar. Peace filled my heart, and I decided to share both the song and how my thinking turned around. I hope you enjoy the words and this version of, “He Abides.”

Hymn written by Herbert Buffum. Full lyrics can be found on the Timeless Truths website.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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