Painting – Aquabord and November Plant Parade


I recently took part in the WetCanvas Plant Parade for November. The category was rainbows and I chose the rosebud reference photograph to watercolor.

large rosebud

I used a piece of 5×7 Aquabord for this painting.  I love Aquabord’s sturdy, non-warping background. I also am impressed by Aquabord’s easy release of watercolor. I “lift” paint quite a bit when I watercolor, and the Aquabord lets the paint loosen and lift like a dream. Unfortunately, this same asset can quickly become a nightmare. I never use Aquabord without a struggle to get my washes smooth. Often when I lift the paint, more is removed than necessary.

I enjoyed creating the background for this watercolor. The Aquabord stayed very wet and allowed the watercolors to blend beautifully. The same wet into wet blending also caused a bit of a problem…the paint ran over the outer edges of the rosebud.


No worries about losing edges when painting with Aquabord. A stiff brush, a little water, and I wiped and dabbed the watercolor off the rosebuds petals and stem.


One day, I hope to use Aquabord for a large watercolor, but right now I’m content to learn on smaller versions of this interesting watercolor board.


The best news of all about Aquabord is that it does not need to framed under glass. A light spray of clear matte acrylic and your painting can be hung without the glare of glass to distort its shape and colors.

10 thoughts on “Painting – Aquabord and November Plant Parade

  1. Kim

    I am fairly new to watercolor painting and have just started a new drawing and painting class. I am very excited about trying the aqua board product. Thank you for your post!!

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    1. For final finished appearance there is nothing better. Framing without glass and knowing it will not smudge is the best. It is very, very touchy though. I have accidentally lifted painted areas I want to keep because paint is so easily removed. It takes awhile to learn how to use it, but it is so very worth the effort.

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  2. Glad to see someone else using and mastering Aquabord™. It is quite a learning curve, and I also use it in small sizes because it seems more manageable that way. But the results are SO worth the trouble of learning how to get just the right touch in painting and lifting!

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    1. I like it. I have found a lot of good videos on Youtube, but like everything, it takes experimenting to get your own feel on it. I have three watercolors in various stages now. I also have the Cold Press Ground to try when they are complete…when I find that elusive extra time. 🙂


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