11 thoughts on “Perspective – Church

  1. JAMES

    My reason for not going to church is that there is not 1 church with an interpreter for the deaf…
    I am, for all practical purposes, deaf. my hearing on a good day is like someone trying to whisper to me in a noisy crowd….I can read lips a wee bit, but I’m not real good at it…I miss 90% of what is being said.
    Do I even want to go to church? Yes! I definitely do, but why go if I can’t understand/hear what is being said/preached?

    I miss going to church…I miss the interaction with others, I miss the music, the sermons….
    Maybe one day I will find a church that has services for the deaf.


      1. JAMES

        TY my friend…
        I know that your heart is in the right place & you have been an inspiration to me from day 1….
        Living where I do has it’s pros & cons, just like any other town does…
        Not having a vehicle to drive, does at times present a problem(especially in winter), but we have learned to adjust, and there is the community bus service that we use quite often…
        in the summer, when weather allows, I will walk most everywhere to save $$, pulling my wagon behind me to carry whatever load I may have from the store.

        If there is something we need but can not afford, I will either make it from scratch(if I can) or go dumpster diving to try & find something similar…
        It’s not the life I had envisioned for myself nor my wife, but it could always be a lot worse.

        I get a lot of freebies from online websites….I sign up for everything I can….even things I personally do not need(baby items, female personal items, etc), what I do with the things I can not use/do not need, is I donate them them to women’s shelters, places like W.I.C., etc.

        Dog & cat food I donate to the local animal shelter….

        God says that we should help others when we can, I’m just trying to do my part in that dept.

        When I look back at all I have been through, it’s easy to lay down & say “woe is me…” but I refuse to do that…

        I honestly believe that GOD has given me this life, as imperfect as it may be, to help others along life’s journey. I wish to do what I can to make their life better for them, just as your friendship has made my life better for me.

        When I was going through my cancer treatments, I saw wha I believe to be Angels in my room, & they were telling me that if I wanted to go “home” (Heaven) they would guide me….

        I kept saying, “…I do not want to go yet…I have too much to do….there are scores of people that need help. I want to help them if I can…”

        Some people think that it was the radiation & the Chemicals messing with my head….as long as I live, I will always believe it was Angels.

        I apologize for babbling on.

        Besides my lovely wife, I have very few people to talk to….

        It is my wish & my prayer, for you & ALL your family(hubby, kids, Grandkids, etc) have a very Merry Christmas, & may GOD be with all of you always.


        1. James, your ideas on how to help others with your “free” items is inspirational. I never thought of that…great idea. I believe you saw angels James. God is good. God be with you my friend.
          PS I am good at making things out of scrap too! It’s a challenge and quite fun.


          1. I am unable to help others in the way I wish to help them, so I do what I can, as much as I can, & whenever I can…

            It’s just my way of trying to help others….

            TY for being such a great friend….I feel GOD has blessed me with your friendship. 🙂


  2. Hubert writes

    Ah I really enjoyed this little video, I used to be a faithful Church goer, but when I became ill with chronic fibromyalgia, I lost everything, and ended up alone, and abandoned. None the less this is a cute video and Christ in, I mean “Christ in you” is the only hope of glory, thats is far far more than a relationship – that is an everlasting life within a life, even a handicapped life .

    As well as being a faithful church goer, I was a mens minister, now i minister on my Blog-site and try to live a life which might reflect christ.

    God Bless all.


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        1. My Dear Friend:
          I have changed my email address so please make note.
          after 10/JAN/2015, the Yahoo address will no longer be in service & I REALLY do not want to miss any of your posts…

          I just wanted to make sure you got this…I no longer can trust yahoo mail for all the messages I have missed or were delayed for unknown reasons.

          MAy this new Year be a blesing each & every day.

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          1. Hi James, Your comments come up now with that address under your name in my WordPress Dashboard. I also copied the address to my personal email so I won’t lose it. I’m not sure how the subscriptions work or how to change that…it is something I need to learn. 🙂 I hope you are well and had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

            I removed the email address from your message after I copied it. I know spammers sometimes browse blogs to find email addresses and did not want them to find yours here. Blessings my friend.


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