Projects & Plants – Preparing Lichen Branches for Crafting


I am always entranced by branches covered with lichen. The frilly growth, the lovely greens…the possibilities…oh my. This type of lichen forms on decaying wood. I usually find them scattered on the ground after a drenching storm. The heavy winds and rain carry them to the ground. These lichen are known as foliose lichen

One problem I needed to deal with before I used the lichen branches was the bits of dirt and insects embedded in the wood. Some nature craft books recommend baking pine cones, branches, and other naturals in the oven to kill insects and/or their eggs. I didn’t want to destroy the beautiful softness or green color of the lichens, and the branches were larger than the dimensions of my oven; the solution: I soaked them in my laundry tub. This seemed to work for flushing out any stowaway insects. I weighted the branches down with plates, because of course…they float. Now I must come up with a project worthy of their beauty.

2 thoughts on “Projects & Plants – Preparing Lichen Branches for Crafting

  1. Mary Bigger

    Will your soak also kill any eggs? I have used the 24 hrs in the freezer treatment for our PNW grey lichen and have press dried some Eastern WA bright yellow lichen without finding any later resident critters. I’m always interested in expanding plant material saving.


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