Pheathers & Product – White-Throated Sparrow


I heard loud rustling as I strolled a wooded path in the park yesterday. I was surprised to see a  fountain of leaves  exploding from the mossy ground. A couple of peeps alerted me to the presence of a bird beneath the cascade. He created quite a crackling ruckus as he foraged for insects. Aha, he was exactly my purpose for walking the path. I raised my camera, the new Canon with the super zoom feature, and clicked several shots.


I have just replaced my old Canon Camera with a newer model. I wouldn’t have chosen any other brand. My old camera has taken thousands of photographs. It has traveled with me everywhere I have gone in the past few years. It has chronicled parties and family gatherings, holiday dinners and the goings-on in my gardens. Over the years, the camera has been dropped, been left outdoors, weathered drizzle and dew, and still…through it all has continued taking photographs.

After one of the more recent drops, the battery and SF card compartment stopped shutting correctly. No worries, and no replacing it right away, duct tape held it together for a time. Recently though, even the strongest tape, the addition of a rubber band, and the hardest grip of my thumb would not keep the batteries connected. It was time for a new camera. The brand  has performed for me so well, I knew another Canon was only choice. I replaced the old camera with a  PowerShot SX400 IS.

Eye-Spy a White-Throated Sparrow.

Oh the joy of it. On my first outing I zoomed in on the foraging sparrow. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the photographs and found that the sparrow was quite a fancy fellow. The yellow streaks and white ruff under his chin soon had me goggling, and I was able to identify him as a White-Throated Sparrow.

I have probably seen these birds over the years, but until I was able to zoom in close, I had no idea such beautiful little sparrows visited our area in the winter. Final thought: if you are in the market for a new camera check out Canon brand. They are reasonably priced,  set up easily, take amazing photographs, and best of all…last and last and last.

6 thoughts on “Pheathers & Product – White-Throated Sparrow

  1. I can really relate to this post. My Canon A510 was a very faithful camera that took many wonderful pictures and several falls. It was almost as sad as a death in the family when it finally simply refused to turn on.
    But the zoom lenses that came out during the time I had that little Canon were amazing.
    I hope you have many happy days of shooting with your new friend.

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  2. Kathy,
    Congratulations on your new camera. The sparrow is indeed a beautiful fellow and seems quite resilient to be seen in NJ in the Winter as also his beholder who takes her walks in spite of the cold weather.:)

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