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I’m in love with Kefir! This delicious smoothie is satisfying as a snack and boosts my immune system and mood.

Kefir is loaded with good bacteria for your body. The vitamins, minerals and easily digested protein kefir contains strengthens the immune system, and has been thought to lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. A good article about kefir can be found at
Be Well Buzz

Kefir contains tryptophan, the amino acid that helps raise the levels of serotonin in your brain.

We can all use a little boost to our mood when the sunlight wanes in winter. Lifeway Kefir has a terrific website that lists the Benefits of Kefir. Check it out, and try some kefir this year. It will improve not only your mood, but also your health.

18 thoughts on “Product – Kefir

    1. My husband thinks it doesn’t taste good. I love it, but I love yogurt too, and he won’t eat it. I love to sit and relax when I drink it, and I am always unhappy when it is gone. The best way I can describe it is tangy and sweet at the same time. The brand I’ve shown is very smooth. I was thrilled to find it in an Aldi yesterday at a dollar less than a bigger grocery. Let me know if you like it.

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        1. I’ve never tried too much from Aldi until this year when they opened a brand new store in our town. I was a little wary of buying things that weren’t name brands. So far, I have loved the bread, the yogurt, the kefir (this is name brand), eggs, butter, orange juice, milk, etc. I tried a can of the corn and was pleasantly surprised…even though I try to use frozen vegetables, I like to have canned on hand for emergencies. I tried their oyster crackers this week…only 79 cents for a big bag. They work in cutting my craving for something sweet…don’t know how…but they do. I was thrilled with them…so many brands have sulfites and I react VERY badly to sulfites. They are sulfite fee and natural and SO delicious.

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          1. Well feel free to email me my sweet friend because I think I can share a few tidbits with you – because before I did my deep cleaning – I reacted bad to sulfites too – I did not have much food with it – but cheap wine has it – anyhow – crackers are processed as sugar – and so in my personal experience and from studying this for a while – the sugar cravings go away with cleaning – but also with eating good fats – enzymes (sparks of life) and fermented foods – like sauerkraut – which by the way Aldi’s has sometimes – and it is natural! But pre-Biotics help and so do the probiotics –
            I Prefer trader joes butter to any brand – it is so creamy! And satisfying -❤️❤️

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            1. I didn’t notice if they were sitting or not…did not know crackers process as sugar…maybe that is why the stop a craving mid-afternoon. I don’t drink wine…avoid it even in cooking because of the sulfites. I tend to get sick very often in this country when I go out to eat…could be preservatives sprayed on salads. We visit Jamaica often and I have never gotten sick to my stomach there…go figure. Maybe I should move…would love to live where it’s warm. I’m sure everyone, everywhere, is filled with parasites…I seem to be especially appealing to deer ticks…have had Lyme’s twice that I know of…not fun to take the antibiotic in summer and avoid the sun. And then of course, the strong antibiotic wrecks your health too. Happily, I’m pretty healthy now…some people in this area have not realized they had Lyme’s and now suffer neurological damage.


              1. Yeah – I heard Lyme can progress to neuro stuff – and well / if you have had intensive antibiotics – like many Americans – u are likely feeding candidiasis – even without overt symptoms – what happens is the candida God gave us to help break down our body when we die- well that yeast form is there and harmless – but with antibiotics – they wipe out the good guys so much to where the candida turns fungal – grows Hyphae and that begins to cover the entire GI – and many intolerances and allergies and sensitivities Are related to the malabsorption and byproducts of this going on – there is a good book – think it is called the silent killer – but also web sources are great and I have one cool blog to share

                Anyhow – the kefir will add the marines and army into your gut so keep drinking that for sure – and I am going to check out the site you linked for it – cos I think u can tell I like learning! And you have such a heart for sharing – and for learning! Xxoo

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                1. The kefir helped me right away…and I did notice a sense of well-being. The big plus is I find it delicious. I’ve heard a little bit about the dangers of candida, but never really delved into it much…it’s worth a look for sure. Thanks so much…very kind of you to take the time to add to the posts. I really appreciate it. ❤

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                  1. Oh my pleasure – and a majority of what I have been humbly blessed to learn has come from online sources just sharing here and there- well like u share in your posts too – the tipoids and whatnot 🎈💜💛

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        2. It’s at the least a dollar less than the local supermarket. I will be going to Aldi at least once a week for the basics now. The only thing I can say that is mildly disagreeable is that bargain food stores never have enough cashiers, but hey, that might be another way they keep down the prices. I noticed half a dozen people stocking shelves so it looks like things really move for them…this is good, we live in a college town and students need jobs.

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  1. I also love love this stuff – and can have the plain and once I drank a whole container while in traffic – and seriously felt some fluttering near my lower back ribs – think it did some healing – the multiple strains of the good guys are amazing and I also think they are great for retention enemas (but that is a topic for another time) ha

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      1. Yes – and have gone read Hulda Clarks boom “the cure for all diseases” or at least think about doing a cleanse – so many people have parasites and pathogens (microbes from water food and air) and this puts stress on the heart and well – sometimes we need to clean out pipes – all 3o feet of intestines and the stomach and liver need a little cleansing and whew – it’s amazing

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