Plants & Place – Longwood Gardens & Anthuriums

anthirrium hanging basket

Winter Joy is standing beneath this enormous display of anthuriums. The basket of tropical blooms is hanging from the ceiling of the Longwood Gardens Conservatory in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. In the midst of winter, what a blessing it is to have this lovely garden within an hour’s drive of my home.

An extra dose of winter joy awaited me as I browsed in the visitor center gift shop. The same anthuriums, probably grown in overabundance for the display, were on sale for a fantastic price…$6.50 for an 18 inch plant covered in bloom. JOY!

anthirrium windowsill

22 thoughts on “Plants & Place – Longwood Gardens & Anthuriums

    1. Susie, You are a lucky lady! How beautiful your home must be with such wonders growing all around in the wild. Yes, I did visit the gardens last week. It was a gift to myself to bring a little flowery joy to the day. Longwood is such a lovely place.

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    1. I’m not sure if there is a town called Pennsylvania. I do know that many titles of places and buildings begin with Pennsylvania, and of course, there are many streets called Pennsylvania Avenue or Road. I’ll have to look that one up. Next time you come to this area Susie, try to go to Longwood. I haven’t been there for their light show in the summertime yet, but it looks like it is spectacular.

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      1. I was watching a TV show called ” Save my Bakery ” and they said the bakery “Viking Pastries” was situated in Pennsylvania.
        I will try to visit Longwood, if God gives me another chance to come to the East Coast.

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        1. Susie, I am planning on posting the avocado info tomorrow or Saturday…Monday at the latest. I’m including you as part of the post and is it okay to leave a link back to your blog. Don’t feel badly if you would rather not have a link…I don’t mind at all…whatever suits you best.

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            1. I will probably post on Saturday Susie…the day is already galloping forward in many, many things to accomplish. I never seem to have enough time. I will say a prayer for the successful surgery. Thanks so much Susie. I will be thinking of you today. ❤

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              1. Thank you Kathy- we are just going to the hospital now. He didn’t stay overnight because he didn’t want to stay there at night but they allowed him to come home to his own bed, last night. The surgery will be in about two hours from now.


                  1. The surgery was long and took some time over the scheduled time. There were a lot more of polyps and the nasal septum was totally deviated to one side- it took a lot of fixing. He’s still in hospital- I had to come home because of the children- I have left him with the guardian angels and our Lord- he is in a lot of pain and some bleeding from the nose.
                    Thanks for taking care, Kathy !

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