Photo Challenge – Rare

“Could it be mid-August already? For those of us who live in less-warm climes, summer’s long, sunny days are a prized commodity, something to look forward to all year long. But even during this all-too-short season, some things are more prized than others.” – Daily Post Photo Challenge

IMG_2673 (3)

While photographing butterflies this week something rare flew into my lens view…a hummingbird moth. The moth flew  so quickly most of my photos turned out very blurry, but this one of the moth sipping a drink of nectar from a pink zinnia delighted me. The hummingbird moth is my entry for the WordPress Photo Challenge subject of something “rare.”

Here is a quick fifteen second video of his/her flight.

17 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Rare

    1. Thanks Laurie, yes, I agree…it is a COOL moth. I was lucky, outside photographing, and suddenly there the moth was amongst my zinnias. So often I will see something wonderful, run inside to get my camera, only to find the subject has disappeared.

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  1. it is a nice rare visitor – and zinnia are one of my favs- yours look nice – lots of pink! and the video was like a splash of summer joy! the sound startled me – but thanks for sharing !

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      1. yes very nice – not too many rare things – but special and pretty contented – 😉
        and I was just thinking of you when this post of yours came up – I do not have any zinnia this year and so maybe this is why I like it even more!
        I usually have zinnia reseed on their own in my front garden – but the hubs helped me polish the area and well – it was needed – but I lost so much – liatris and zinnia eselcislly – and while it looks good and thankfully my rose of Sharons are having a Great year – so it is all good – ha!

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          1. well if you want – I can email you some seeds and maybe even a starter next spring – I usually have little baby plants because this shrub drops seeds that are fertile – seriously – I marvel at how they do this (grow so easily) and know God must want more people to have them.
            I once saw this couple on you tube who gave away hundreds of seeds each year – because they drop that many –
            so please let me know – 😉
            anyhow – one of my shrubs actually was a good size in three seasons – that is not too bad – and the older one I cut back or else it splits –

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            1. Thanks so much…there are also seeds galore on the trees around here, but I have never thought they would grow fast enough. I should have tried years ago. I have a Lady Baltimore near my pond, it has stayed the same size for years. It has very big blooms, but because my grandparents had a Rose of Sharon type, that is what appeals to me. Thanks so much for the offer. I’ll be happy to send a sase to you for the seeds. It’s always fun to have a personal connection to what I grow through friend’s gardens.

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              1. cool -let’s talk later via email – Xxoo
                and is at agree with the connection – I have a hosta from Joan – in a yard with very little shaded made it – and some ground cover from someone else – well hope u have a good day

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