Phun & Pheathers – Funny Fowls

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my back yard, minding my own business, when lo and behold two chickens strolled into the yard as if they owned it. I was instantly IN LOVE with them, grabbed my camera and documented their visit. (Their home is on the street behind mine.) Their visit provided me with quite a giggle.


I’ve wanted chickens or ducks of my own for ages. Town ordinances have changed in many areas and it’s now permissible to have “pet” chickens or ducks in the backyard. On the other hand I am thinking of the feistiness of Blue Eyes the goose. Maybe a pair of geese would be a better idea. I wonder if it’s true that geese can be good “watchdogs?”

ducks 4

“Police in rural parts of China’s Xinjiang Province are no longer turning to dogs to stand guard at police stations at night. They’re using geese instead. And it works.” ~ Honk if You Think Geese are Good Guard Dogs – National Geographic

I’ve had most of my gardens devastated this year by a horrible groundhog who invades my yard weekly to eat my foliage and garden plants. Would a big white goose honking like mad and chasing him do the trick? The key word might be big. Should I get a goose now and coddle it all through winter, and have a big, big bird come Spring? Hmmm….I’ll have to think on it a bit and let you know!

“Chinese geese, like Africans, are a more talkative breed of geese. Due to this characteristic, they are the best breed if you want to be alerted to intruders or other strange occurrences. They love to talk back to you – especially if you have raised them from babies.” ~Metzer Farms

10 thoughts on “Phun & Pheathers – Funny Fowls

  1. Oh Happy day ! This is the first thought that came to my mind when I read this post. You have been happy today and I am so glad for that.
    You had a lot of sunshine and such good company.
    You should get a couple of geese and they could use your pond too, maybe.

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    1. Susie, I actually just gave up my pond. For the second year in a row we had a filter give out, and they are expensive. Combined with the body aches cleaning the pond can cause me, and since we have a friend who has a pond for our fish to go to, we dismantled it. I would love to have geese as watch-geese, but it is probably just a pipe dream. Seriously though, we have had a terrible time with the groundhog as do many of our neighbors. They are voracious eaters. I wonder if a big goose could chase it, but then the geese are messy, can carry salmonella, and are very noisy and the neighbors might dislike a goose more than they do having a groundhog in their yards. :/

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      1. That’s true- nothing can be done about groundhogs, so the neighbours won’t complain but about geese, they can complain, because there is someone who will listen. I like the emoji that you used.


          1. If I can manage a photo I will…but seriously, I am usually running after it to try and scare it, hoping it will never come back. I think it is laughing at me…it always comes back!!! I really don’t want it in my yard for two reasons…most importantly, if it is not healthy, I don’t want it walking around in the areas where my grandchildren play. It also eats everything it can…bites the flowers off the top of stems and then eats down the stem like its eating corn on the cob.


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