Place – Elephant Swamp Bike Trail


Elephant Swamp Trail  “The Elephant Swamp Trail is built on top of the former railroad bed that once ran from Glassboro to Bridgeton, NJ. Elk Township maintains the easement through Elephant Swamp, and the trail passes among streams, wetlands and farm fields from the Elk Township Recreation Complex in Aura to the baseball fields in Elmer.” ~The Trail Link

I was thrilled to discover another bike trail built on an old railroad line. Elephant Swamp Trail is a nine-mile round trip spanning two counties in New Jersey: Gloucester to Salem. The only challenge during the ride was the intermittent rocky areas. This trail is not paved.


Do you see what I see?


I’ve lived in New Jersey most of my life and have never seen a green snake in the wild. I probably have walked right by them—they blend in perfectly. I think this little fellow is a smooth or rough green snake, so to keep it simple I’ll identify it by a name common to both, a grass snake.

2 thoughts on “Place – Elephant Swamp Bike Trail

  1. Wow, Kathy. You have been blessed, to see that little green fellow.
    I have seen many of them and some really big brown and poisonous vipers too. They camouflage well with rocks and sand. I am glad you discovered another trail.
    Where are the railroads?

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    1. They are old railroads Susie…they have torn off the tracks and you can see big piles of railroad ties along the way when you ride. The path is on top of the path through the woods that railroads once followed.

      That snake was the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I wanted to take it home. It didn’t even look real it was so bright and pretty. It is harmless. I know some of the vipers can be deadly. We only have two snakes that are dangerous in New Jersey and they are not real common…the timber rattler, and the copperhead.

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