19 thoughts on “Place – Silent Saturday/Ann Whitall House Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ

        1. We weren’t either, but just a week or two ago, we once again noticed people walking around the area with their phones…many times in groups. Last year, when the craze was at its peak, one day at Red Bank we could hardly find a parking spot.


          1. Kathy,
            You mentioned it in your reply comment to me yesterday and that’s when I went to take a second look- I can see the river and a few buildings of Philly- it may be a good 10 kilometers down, don’t you think ?

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            1. Yes, it looks pretty far in the distance, but I don’t think it is that far. It would be the south of Philadelphia…past the airport. Not sure if it is the city proper. The skyline of buildings would be several miles to the right.

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