Posies – Bouquet/Iris and Wisteria

It’s time to start creating a weekly bouquet of garden flowers to enjoy. This week I chose the wisteria and iris that are beginning to bloom in my garden. Both of these spring blooming flowers are great for arrangements, and with their substantial stems are easy to use. Remove any leaves that will be below the water line. Cut stems at an angle, and if you’re really ambitious cut straight up the bottom of your wisteria stem to allow more water to be drawn up. It’s best to choose iris buds ready to unfurl. If you cut these stems underwater they will last even longer. An added bonus is the spectacular fragrance of both these flowers. Astonish yourself and create your own springtime bouquet!

15 thoughts on “Posies – Bouquet/Iris and Wisteria

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      1. We have a few spindly leaves on the top of the pergola. Not impressive. In town the other day, I saw a huge vine dripping with magnificent blooms. Has mine gotten the message? No. Yes, it could be a slightly different plant, but it could be ours is defective or vengeful.

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